From the Mind of an Empath


Please let me introduce myself.  My first name is Onna, last name B.  I hail from a place called Empathy.  It is a place where everything gets to me.  It inspires yet also tires me, but is a place full  of positive energy.  I am a bright light that can be hard to contain and sometimes it attracts the crazy and deranged.  However, I stay unfazed for the bar I raise to keep myself in the game unchanged.  My light has become a beacon for the weak and troubled much like the Hubble was for Nasa showing pictures of promise and hope with love and laughter.   

I am an artist, musician, a poet and a motivator. I know nothing greater than that of creating from deep within.  My tool is a pen of mass delight.  I have lived the stories I write.  "Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity." I love to use this force to bring peace to the insanity.  I administer hope to those in pain while uplifting spirits that have waned.  For those who are in despair, I use my words to repair the broken and show hope and promise.  I have been there.  I can relate and attempt to build souls that crumble all the while remaining humble and grounded. My philosphy is sound.




The Onna B

Something NEW coming soon, it is on the horizon so stay tuned.  Call it a Manifest Destiny and me the H.N.I.C.  Never following, but moving the crowd, your girl will come out the gate not silent, but loud. "Can you hear me now? Good." Coming hard like morning wood with impetuous wordplay all day to relay life messages my way.  Keep your eyes on me in 2020. I am The Onna B. 💋
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