The intensity of her purpose makes her appealing. The constancy of her love makes her irreplaceable. ”

— Nicole 'Onna B' Walden

The Enlightenment

Poetry by Onna B

Toxic words filled her head causing dread and panic as she looked into the mirror to survey all of the damage. She could feel her heartbeat rapidly through her chest. She second-guessed her worth. Since the day of her birth, she’s searched for validation from unqualified persons. So many versions of herself manifested as she strove to be recognized by those she held dear, but inside she was dying and no one could hear her pleas as they fell on deaf ears and she fell on her knees. Who was she? She was an anomaly, persistently chased by the emotionally thirsty, herstory repeating itself, her love tears a cry for help. She was always a beacon for the weak and confused. A pawn in a game she was destined to lose. The same ones turned against her aiming to tame the flame she carried inside. She fed love, while all along she was fed lies. Forever attempting to fix broken souls while she, herself, was riddled with holes. Her empathy left her empty. Her rationale failed her when she needed it most. She was ghosted, roasted, used, and abused.  She failed all the tests while ignoring all the clues. Yes everybody plays the fool sometimes and she did so with childlike innocence instead of exacting due diligence but, never again would she be a sheep led to slaughter she was a Queen’s daughter, not a pawn. She would emerge strong. What she outwardly sought was always within. Understand, no one could ever complete what was always whole; she wins.  Manifesting the greatest love she would ever know and found it deep within her own soul. She had to hit rock bottom before she could fully grow. Beaten not into submission but forced into remission from a place of loss; it was the ultimate cost to become the true boss of her own life. Fate intervened at just the right time. No longer blind but fully sighted.  The lesson became a blessing and her soul became enlightened.

All rights reserved. © 2020, Nicole “Onna B” Walden

Those Were The Days

Poetry By Onna B

I miss cassette tapes and roller skates
My Sony Walkman and my Easy Bake
Dancing to Soul Train and Solid Gold
Playing with Atari and my GI Joes
Going to the park and staying all-day
Those were the ways I loved to play

Eating Cereal while watching Animation
This by far was my favorite recreation
Creature Double Feature and Kung Fu theater
Alvin, Simon and my main man Theodore
Watching Bob Ross paint Happy Little Trees
Those were the best of times indeed

Music videos played all day on MTV
The Army said, “Be All That You Can Be”
There was no internet to consume my time
I nurtured real relationships, the quality kind
I’d record my favorite shows on the VCR
I got a kick out of Bart, Homer, and Marge

Musicals were dope not considered cheesy
I sure loved how George loved Weezy
Sitcoms were bomb with amazing intros
Commercials had unforgettable jingles
Priceless memories stored in my head
Like Edith sang, “Those were the days”

All rights reserved. © 2020, Nicole “Onna B” Walden

I Can't Breathe

Poetry by onna b


First hanged from trees

Now choked by knees

“Someone help me please”

Hear my pleas

To no avail, I seize 

Murder in the Second Degree

I lay lifeless, they walk free 

Not Guilty 

But not for me, for the PD

Justice served? That’s an absurdity

A travesty throughout our history

A pillaging of our civil liberties

The sheer lack of Empathy


Yet I’m suppose to be trusting 

The lines of decency are blurry 

Those in authority; dirty

My life deemed unworthy

As the air leaves 

My last words haunting 

I can’t breathe

I am George Floyd; and he is ME

Let’s kneel in unity against racism, prejudice and bigotry


All rights reserved. © 2020, Nicole “Onna B” Walden

Love is Circular

Poetry by Onna B

Be what you need. You must give in order to receive. I feed you and you feed me and we will never go hungry. Real love is circular.

All rights reserved. © 2020, Nicole “Onna B” Walden

Love Notes


“Her eyes have their own vocabulary. What a beautiful language to learn.”

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Artwork by Nicholle Kobi

Love Notes


#lovenotes #lovelanguage

"The way she moves is so fluid like a leaf descending from the tree of life. She nurtures his spirit as she casts upon him her angelic light. Cool as an artic breeze and vast as the Philippine Sea, he is the song she writes.


All rights reserved. © 2019, Nicole “Onna B” Walden

All rights reserved. © 2019, Nicole “Onna B” Walden