LL Lyrics

What is Love? (Postlude)

ONNA B ©℗ 2019

What is Love?

Love is a beginning with no end

Love doesn't lose, it always wins

Love is a blessing never a sin

Love is a decision you make over and over again

To be one with someone exclusively

Love is bending a knee to your king or queen pledging your loyalty

Love is a cosmic energy

Love is having all the receipts for the words you speak

You're not hearing me

You see, love is not sometime-y and it surely is not free

Love is giving more than you take and owing up to all mistakes

Love is precious

Love is work with great efficacy

A delicacy not a buffet line of treats to sample indiscriminately.

No, love is kind and pure and it endures life's greatest challenges

Love balances two souls, two halves of one whole

That is what love is


I Need You

ONNA B ©℗ 2019

I need you baby

Whispers in the Dark

ONNA B ©℗ 2019

I have a secret for you. Deep sigh