She's anything but Ordinary.

She's anything but Ordinary. 

Writing has always been an outlet Nicole used to escape the day to day realities of her life. She found out at a very young age that she could be anything she wanted to be with a mere stroke of the pen. From that point forward, she began her mission of creating colorful landscapes of stories and music without rules. Nicole is anything, but ordinary.  

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey, music and writing became passions that held a grip on Nicole's spirit. Born into a family engrossed in music, her first memories came from listening to vinyl nightly with her mom and dad. Nicole's inspirations in music range from soft rock to classical with jazz holding the top spot in her heart. Her favorites are Earth Wind and Fire, Miles Davis, Pat Methany, Chuck Mangione, Grover Washington, Jr., and George Benson just to name a few.  

Nicole played both the flute and piccolo for a total of 9 years, winning several band awards for her high school. She also played with the National Guard welcoming home soldiers from tours overseas. With music being such a mainstay in her life, writing short stories and poems became a runner-up for the top spot in her creative wheelhouse. Her favorite literary artists are Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Edgar Alan Poe, Stephen King, and Toni Morrison. 

In her adult life, Nicole decided to use her many talents for motivational purposes. She was greatly inspired by the lives of Gandhi, Buddha, Fred Rogers, Bob Ross, Jim Henson, and more. It has always been her life's goal to spread love and light and uplift those who struggle much like she did growing up.  

Depression hit hard after losing a parent in the divorce during her childhood, but music and writing became a form of healing. With that, she decided she wanted to share her voice with as many as possible. Nicole took on the moniker Onna B, short for Onna Bugeisha (a female samurai), and went on to put her poetry to music which caught the attention of chill jazz musician Mike Murray.  

Their current project entitled, "Love Language," serves as an homage to their partnership in life and music.  In her words, "Love is an action word. There is no better way to express love than to live it, breathe it, and practice it daily. It is important to find out what your partner's love language is and work to speak it together." The album is she and Mike's handbook on what they feel love should look like in a time where it appears many have lost its true meaning. 

Nicole is currently working on a solo project which will be out winter of 2022 entitled Genre Neutral. The lead track, "The World is Yours" will be released 10.29.21.  stay tuned.